Gayle Ellett
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"Pink Floydian dreamscapes intersect with the jagged complexity of King Crimson."-ROLLING STONE magazine

"Never less than exhilarating in its virtuoso interplay, while never succumbing to jam band histrionics''-BILLBOARD magazine

"Highlights abound throughout, the band's rich legacy continues to unfold with each subsequent release"-ALL ABOUT JAZZ 

"Hose down your living room, or your furniture will be burned to a cinder by the intense guitar playing of Gayle Ellett"-GUITAR PLAYER magazine 

"Guitars crunch, slash, crash and bang through a bundle of hard driving prog rock cookers. Think 1973 and King Crimson."-KEYBOARD magazine 

"The writing, arranging and performances are of the highest order. Highly Recomended"-RECORDING magazine

"The greatest undiscovered band in the world! Rivals the glory days of Pink Floyd"-ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazine

"The ultimate Jam band...just a little ahead of its time"-RELIX magazine 

"The most important band of the last decade"-EXPOSE' magazine

"One of the best damn ROCK bands on the planet"-AURAL INOVATIONS

"One of the best bands in the genre"-THE WAILING WELL

"One of the most satisfying and imaginative recordings to emerge from the ambient genre in the past decade"-SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

"Some of the most exciting and intense progressive music of the last 20 years"-PROGARCHIVES

"The near telepathic chemistry displayed by these four musicians was dead-on, and they proved themselves masters of their chosen instruments. This is one of the major releases of the year."-PROGRESSION magazine

"They can burn the paint right off your walls"-WHOLE EARTH REVIEW

"They will dazzle you with breathtaking instrumental performances"

"Djam Karet seems to be a benchmark that bands of this ilk are measured against"-SONUS WEST RECORDS

"These guys never cease to amaze or entertain me"-MUSIC STREET JOURNAL

"Technically wonderful instrumental music that can transfix even the non-committed music fan. This jazz-rock-fusion is of high quality."-CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY 

"Unearthly voices speak to each other, as strange animal sounds provide a counterpoint to the chiming melody"-THE UNION

"They hit the bullseye again with yet another progressive masterpiece"

"A must have for any lover of good musicianship"-MUSIC EXTREME

"Their music has a sweeping, epic sound very much in the classic tradition."-ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Progressive" in the purest sense of the term."-SEA OF TRANQUILITY  

"If you're looking for modern guitar soundscapes to carry on the traditions of "Meddle" or "Lark's Tongues In Aspec", check this disc out"

"Like an elegant and erudite tribute to the post-Miles Davis age.”-SCARUFFI 

"These tunes are part jazz, part post-rock, part progressive, but developed into a complete sound. This is a clear and vibrant work, and I know that this is an album that I’ll return to repeatedly."-LEICESTERBANGS 

"The result is cutting edge jazz. An excellent acquisition. 9 out of 10"-MANTICORNIO 

"Hillmen have their own sound and go their own way, but the spirit of the late Sixties, early Seventies, is everywhere. For fans of jam rock this is an interesting acquisition."-PROGGIES 

"These improvisations are of the most intimate jazz jams, while also moving through increasingly rocky passages with fiery guitar solos. It should be noted that the album has a crystal clear and vibrant sound."-BABYBLAUE 

"Fans of Santana, The Grateful Dead, and the Psychedelic music of 60s' and 70s' should find this to their liking."-PROGNAUT 

"Between Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way ', Soft Machine's fourth album, and the seminal experiments of such composers as Gary Burton, Larry Coryell and Graham Bond, the Hillmen have created four pieces of instrumental music-like taking a long road trip to the past."-MOVIMENTIPROG 

"This improv music applies a modern approach to cafe style jazz."-SONIC CURIOSITY 

"With its laid-back pace and easy, natural flow, the music is strikingly effective in evoking the beauty of the surroundings in which the album was created - though at the same time it may suggest the dim, smoky interior of an old-time jazz club, or also the mellow, informal atmosphere of an open-air festival. Conclusion: 8 out of 10"-DUTCH PROGRESSIVE ROCK PAGES 

"These sessions have produced an excellent album that shows us that improvisation and a catchy melody can indeed go together."-IO-Pages 

"This is music that is created in the moment and is overflowing with creative energy."-PROGRESSIVE NEWSLETTER 

"Competent fusion jazz, like a slightly rougher version of an Al Di Meola LP."-THE SOUND PROJECTOR

"They all interact naturally, with a certain attitude similar to the Miles Davis album "Bitches Brew."-ARLEQUINS

"My advice to you is to take a step away from it all and closet yourself somewhere quiet with this instrumental masterpiece."-LADY OBSCURE 

"Like dissolving from one dream into another dream, a colour into colour."-PSYCHEDELICFOLK

"The album Arcadia has my absolute positive recommendation."-BARIKADA  

Excellently performed and produced, Arcadia is an album that will find my CD player many many times, and for a long while to come." -PROGGNOSIS 

"Arcadia is absolutely excellent, deep and melodic, but at the same time they have mature compositions filled with natural sounds. Such albums are truly rare indeed!"-BABY BLUE 

"I love the subtle blend of styles and instrumentation which makes the music, on a certain level, simple and accessible to all, yet elusively complex."-AURAL-INNOVATIONS

"Arcadia is an album with an almost etherial and detailed beauty that all genuine music lovers should enjoy. Indulge yourself in forty-five minutes of Arcadia and shut the world out for a moment, and live and breathe as you never have before. You deserve it!" -MERLINPROG 
"Utterly killer stuff for ears of a certain age." -MIDWEST

"The melodies are beautiful, surprising and will take you on an incredible musical journey through many cultures, but always with this unique touch of Americana influences that testifies of the band’s roots."-THE EXPOLRER MAGAZINE

Excellently performed and produced, Arcadia is an album that will find my CD player many many times, and for a long while to come."-PROGGNOSIS

"It's timeless - this will sound every bit as good in 25 years time as it does now - music from the past, performed in the present, that will last well into the future"
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